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Based on home wireless networking, Sony's Airboard is an LCD screen tablet and base-station combo. The base-station hooks straight into the Net and beams requested Web pages and downloaded media files across the ether to the Airboard.

(Tokyo, Japan, July 26, 2000) Sony Corporation today announced the development of a prototype digital still camera realized through a combination of Sony's latest miniaturization technologies. The prototype weighs a mere 26 grams, making it the world's smallest digital camera with a built-in LCD display. This miniaturization is made possible by Sony's latest IC bare-chip mounting technology (67Ám electrode pitch) that integrates a "Memory Stick Duo" recording medium, a high-temperature poly-silicon LCD and a Lithium Ion Polymer battery into a single compact package. (

Sony showed off the VAIO Music Clip, an adorable digital player about the size of a thick pen. It weighs an ounce and a half, runs on a single AA battery, and holds 5 hours of music in ATRAC3, MP3 and WAV formats. Gosh, it's cute. It'll be available this winter for under $300.

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Mix your own music and take it wherever you go! Diamond Multimedia's new Rio PMP300 player is the portable, lightweight digital music player for mixing and storing up to sixty minutes of digital-quality music and up to twelve hours of voice quality audio from the Internet or a CD using MP3 compression. It comes with a easy user interface, so transferring and converting files is easy. Smaller than an audio cassette, it has no moving parts and never skips, even during the most extreme movement. You get 12 hours of continuous play with just a single standard AA battery or up to twice as long with a lithium battery. Add-on, removable flash memory cards give you extra hours of music storage.
dvdl10.jpg (98705 bytes) Panasonic introduces the world's first portable DVD player with built-in LCD monitor.The PalmTheater packs the leading-edge DVD technology into the world's smallest unit: only 6-5/16" square and 1 21/32" thin. The unique optical deck construction helps achieve this compact design.

The PalmTheater's 5.8 inch LCD screen has 280,000 pixels to show crisp detail with widescreen images. The 16:9 aspect ratio can show the whole film image with high resolution. To handle ordinary images or letterbox formats recorded at a 4:3 aspect ratio, you can select Normal, Full or Zoom display modes.

Of course, the Panasonic PalmTheater can also plug into your Home Theater System.
MSRP $1399.95

sonyPBDV30.jpg (9868 bytes) The latest Discman style portable disc player from Sony, not only plays Audio CD's - but also DVD's.

The most interesting part of this product is one of the accessories listed for it:  PLM-A55 Glasstron™ Personal LCD Monitor; which you wear like sunglasses and give you the impression that you're viewing a 30" monitor.

eyetrak1.gif (8162 bytes) eyetrak2.gif (7918 bytes) Olympus has a product similar to the Sony Glasstron mentioned above called Eye-Trek

Also check here (in Japanese).



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