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Steer it like a car and the Carver will bank like a motorcycle. The fully automatic hydraulic-mechanical DVC system makes this exciting kind of driving possible, lending itself very well to a sporty driving style. Enjoy the steering and feel how responsive DVC balances the vehicle body for you, banking to the exact natural angle.
Its low weight and aerodynamic design allows the modern 4 cylinder 65 bhp engine to take CARVER in 8.2 seconds to 100 km/hour and to a top speed of 180 km/hour.

CARVER is not only a comfortable cruise vehicle for long distance driving, but its compact dimensions allow it to easily glide through city traffic. The combination of its powerful, sporty performance, sensational driving qualities and high comfort make the CARVER perfect for daily personal use.

Whether you drive along at highway cruising speeds or sneak through city traffic:

CARVER makes you fly the road...

BMW Mini Cooper

Agile, surefooted and sporty, it's one of the most exciting cars on the road. To see why it's also one of the most advanced and learn how it's built, check out the 3-D Engineer's View on the BMW Mini Cooper web site. Then look at the other sections and take a tour for more details.

Toyota Prius: Hybrid Gasoline/Electric Engine Automobile

With the introduction of Prius, Toyota is poised to become one of the industry leaders in new, innovative environmental technologies and efficiencies. This innovative hybrid already has three years of proven history abroad. More than 35,000 vehicles are on the road in Japan already providing a safe, efficient and practical alternative to conventionally powered vehicles. There are no plugs or special charging stations. You treat it like a regular car, and it treats you and your pocketbook as well as it does the environment.

Sparrow P.T.M.: The Personal Transit Module (P.T.M.) is a single passenger vehicle designed specifically for commuters and inner-city driving. Powered by thirteen 12 volt batteries, the Sparrow provides an effective range of 30 to 60 miles and a top speed of 70 mph. A vast percentage of commuters in the United States commute 18 miles or less to work daily and most do so alone. The Sparrow allows all of the convenience and freedom of driving your own vehicle with these added benefits:

The Project 32™ Slalom is the world's first ground vehicle that leans gracefully in a curve with driver and passenger seated side-by-side.  Its design is the brainchild of Larry Edwards, a pioneer in spacecraft, ballistic missiles, and cutting-edge rail transit systems.

(This site no longer exist, but can be accessed through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine)

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Millennium Jet, Inc.:  For thousands of years, people have dreamed of flying free like a bird. Now Millennium Jet, Inc. is making this dream a reality, by developing the world's first practical individual vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft.

Called SoloTrek Exo-Skeletor Flying Vehicle (XFV), this vehicle will transport an individual in a standing position for up to one and a half hours before refueling. Running on ordinary automobile gasoline, it travels efficiently and quietly up to 80 miles per hour. SoloTrek XFV also can easily operate out of extremely confined spaces. Its preliminary flight testing is scheduled to begin in mid-1999.

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Mercedes-Benz:  The three-wheeler research study, equipped with intelligent technology, blends the special thrill and cornering dynamics of a motor cycle with the safety and comfort of a saloon car - a combination which offers unrivalled driving enjoyment.
bmw-c1big.jpg (48509 bytes) BMW's new 'scooter' called the C1.



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