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Bergey WindPower Company is the world’s leading supplier of small wind turbines. With installations in all 50 States and more than 90 countries, Bergey wind turbines have proven to be the best-built and most rugged turbines available. 

   At Bergey WindPower, we take pride in offering advanced-technology products that let homeowners generate their own clean power and that can help bring modern services and new opportunities to the world's rural poor. Our U.S. sales are booming as more and more homeowners and businesses turn to wind power to take control of their energy costs and to do their part for the environment.

Toro continues its innovative legacy with the introduction of the iMow Robotic Mower. A hands-free, battery operated lawn mower that does the work for you. Features such as 360 degree safety bumpers, a tilt sensor and audio warnings provide a protected mowing environment. You just sit back in your hammock sipping lemonade as the iMow Robotic Mower makes your tall grass short. Learn more about how the Toro iMow works, how easy it is to install and if it's right for you. Rated a BEST BUY by a leading consumer magazine.

It's time you traded in your old mower for a hammock.
Once you set it up, there's little else to do. Just lay the wire around the outer edges of your lawn. Then connect it to a small perimeter switch. Because the wire will soon be covered by grass, you'll never know it's there. But the RL500 will, and that's all that matters. Now, turn on the perimeter switch and find yourself a comfortable chair or hammock. Your robotic lawnmower will take care of the rest.

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Huskvarna: Auto Mower (and Solor Mower)  work independently. A boundary loop wire holds the lawn mower to the lawn and a search loop ensures that it returns to the charging station for recharging. You can program the cutting height between 30 and 95 mm to achieve a lawn just the way you want it.

Residential fuel cells are essentially miniature home power plants that use a combustion-free process to convert readily available fuels into electricity. Plug Power's fuel cells will provide homes and small businesses a compact, economical, reliable, safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly way to meet all their energy needs.

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This is what CMI Worldwide's Advantage 2000 Kitchen PC should look like when it's released later this year. This version has a flip-down flat-screen monitor and fits under a kitchen counter.
MS-Phone.jpg (29939 bytes) Microsoft is set to release a cordless phone/software system on October 30, 1998 that will retail for $199.

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